Costa Rigan Tiger Rumptigerrump

Costa Rican Tiger Rump

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Cyclosternum fasciatum

Regions Found: Costa Rica and Guatemala
Class: Terrestrial, likes to burrow and roam
Longevity: Slow growth
Adult Size: Between 8 and 10cm
Temperament: Aggressive and skittish
Urticating Hairs: Yes
Venom Potency: Unknown

Tarantula Housing: Floor space is more important than height, a deep substrate should be provided for burrowing. A good retreat is required.
Temperature: 20-28°C (68-82.4°F)
Humidity: 65-75%
Special Requirements: No special requirements.
Breeding Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantulas


Cyclosternum fasciatum, commonly known as Costa Rican Tiger Rump, is a species of a new-world tarantula native to Costa Rica and Guatemala. This is a terrestrial species with a maximum legspan of 12 centimetres (4.7 in), which makes it a rather small tarantula species.


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